Côme Touvay has lived and worked in Paris since 1999. Textile designer specialising in weaving, he creates models for the industry and makes unique pieces.

Liv Mathilde Mechin has lived and worked in Montreuil since 1997. Fashion designer and visual artist, she began using textiles in the form of artistic installations. After the Beaux Arts and the IFM (French Institute of Fashion) from where she graduated with a Masters Degree, she pursued her work as a fashion designer.


Since 2005 they have been collaborating together, and have set up the necessary tools and working methods to propose projects of collections, style reports, as well as art direction. Both specialise in their own work while juxtaposing their views and know-how for projects in the field of textiles.

They established a privileged professional relationship with the Belgian fabricant VERILIN and together have decided to create NUEE, a line in harmony with a new conception of home linen.